Another fantastic day for Late-Capitalism.

Ode to The Commons

[Tear gassed for resisting the destruction of a public park – to make way for yet another shopping  centre].

Go Team Capitalism!

Faster, Stronger, Quicker.  Go Team!  Beat those protesters till they bleed. Beat them till their eyes roll around in their heads; and they never dare take to the streets again.. beat them.  Beat them hard.

Some concerned countries have made mute noises about the ‘heavy-handed action of Turkish police against protesters’.  Who makes the tear gas?  Who makes the rubber bullets? Do riot police in other countries actually treat protestors differently?  Remember Genoa. Everyday in Rossport.  If it’s not batons, it’s the constant surveillance – a true sign of a totalitarian regime.

Go Team Capitalism!  Kill the planet! Take the Commons!  What communities! Long live our ever increasing profits and corresponding share price!



In Solidarity.